Parallel Windows, 2018
Video installation

In collaboration with Tian Titirat Skultantimayta

Parallel Windows is a series of site-specific, mix-media installation exhibited at two pavilions in two different places. One is in Bangkok, Thailand and the other is in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The project investigates the coexistence of reality of the two venues by showing the juxtaposition of time and space. Visitors can perceive their local reality from the pavilion they are visiting whilst simultaneously experiencing the other reality from a live-streamed video from the other pavilion.

Parallel Windows travels through concepts of time, space and reality by embodying two paradoxical realities of the two pavilions located in different parts of the world. The series displays two sets of reality created by the difference of time. The time that is standardised and understood by clocks and the time that is created by the nature. The two pavilions articulate and show the contrast and the overlap of the day and night time in one space. The alignment of the two realities is created by two windows. One is an actual window of the pavilion. The other is a simulated window realised by the projection of the actual window on a curtain. The illusionary window screens a live-streamed video of the other pavilion, showing the coexistence and the collision of the two realities simultaneously.