Other Sheep (Not of This Fold), 2019
Mixed media installation
720 × 575 × 240 cm.

in Collaboration with Samak Kosem

An outdoor installation commissioned by Sunpride Foundation for Spectrosynthesis II exhibition.

The piece is the cover piece outdoor of Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre, inviting the public to visit the exhibition Spectrosynthesis II, which tackles on the sociopolitical issues about LGBTQ lives in Asia.

The following is a descriptive text by Curator Adulaya Hoontrakul.

Other Sheep (Not Of This Fold) – Dissecting the ‘spectrum’, Samak Kosem and Sornrapat Patharakorn display 18 sheep, sacrificial animals that may all appear the same but in fact represent the multitude of gender identities in Thailand.

This installation is an ode to queer Muslim brothers and sisters throughout Southeast Asia, who encounter walls and obstacles in life. They are forced to stay anonymous rather than draw attention to themselves, due to religious condemnation and cultural prejudice.

Photos courtesy of Kornthanat Pipat