Now, Here and Elsewhere, 2019
Site specific installation
14,960,000,000,000 cm.

The relationship between observer and space frames the artist’s perception of reality. Throughout Sornrapat Patharakorn’s career, the interest in the relationship is a noticeable recurring motif; that is contributed years of architectural studies. He believes that there is no equivalent medium to convey the experience of being in a certain space.

The said experience requires at least two counterparts, space and the observer. And since that no two things can inhabit exactly the same space at the same time, each of the selves have its own unique set of experiences and reality, similarly to the beetle-in-a-box analogy Wittgenstein had made. This is the worldly rule in the normal situation where we ‘read’ and ‘write’ different realities as we live our lives in our shared space.

The typology of art spaces could make an impact on how we perceive those realities. The usual white cube is built in a manner to separate the interior from the exterior completely. The white perpendicular walls give no hint to the space outside and sometimes they appear as if they could seal the room away from the flow of time.

In the work ‘Here and Now’, the different essences of white walls which normally define circumstances inside as art are to be reversed and their effects such as disconnection, exclusion, and control are to be speculated.

In contrary, ‘Now, Here and Elsewhere’ is a site-specific and time-specific project to transform the space in BUG Auditorium into an artwork. The spatial installation utilises the existing conditions such as the orientation of the building, the sun shading elements of the room, and natural light. In this exploration, it can be said that ‘Now, Here and Elsewhere’ is a performative project where the architecture (which usually frames the art), the surrounding layout of Bangkok University, the celestial bodies, and the audience act together as performers.