2020 January 2


2020 January 1

In the summer of 1999, a family of five drove by a plot of land where 2 streets are joined together. There was a towering building on that plot of land with wrought iron fence, along with a towering tree; the plot of land was 2 buildings away from the home from the father’s grandmother; with proportion of that tower to the street in front of it being only 6 meters wide, the son could not gather the viewing distance to look at it the other way but to look up above, seeing the vertical parallel lines leaning into each others, hinting the vanishing point of the perspective in the sky.

In the winter of 2019, the son of that family is trying to recall the picture of his adolescent house before it was built. It was vague, lack of distinct shape and colours, unlike the face of his great grandmother who passed away in 2007, which is imprinted vividly in his mind like the physical copy of the photograph on his shelf. The main difference between those pictures is that his actual adolescent house looked nothing like what he was trying to recall; it is one of the picture from memories he can explicitly refute the actuality of it; it was from an obscure memory in the dreams, with a strange sequential relations to his life events.

There is still an amount of the memories he cannot really make a distinct divide whether it did happen. The only consequences that they left only affect his mind and how he sees the world. He carried those thoughts along his architectural studies, working as an architect, working as an exhibition designer, until he eventually realised those ideas into pieces of work in his artist career.

2019 December 31

May you illustrate what a yes looks like to you?

2019 December 30

Does it help you when you flip that mirror upside down?

2019 August 17

Here and Now, 2019
Now, Here and Elsewhere, 2019