Here and Now, 2019
Mixed media installation
1000 × 1700 × 530 cm.

Here and Now (2019) is a spatial work where gallery space is defined by walls of light that can be seen but cannot bar ones from going through.

The relationship between observer and space frames the artist’s perception of reality. Throughout Sornrapat Patharakorn’s career, the interest in the relationship is a noticeable recurring motif; that is contributed from years of architectural studies.

Here and Now (2019) is originally counterpart to Now, Here and Elsewhere (2019, see reference). It is made to inspect the typology and metaphysical aspects of gallery spaces and their development from, and relationship to, the prehistoric and historic spaces we consider ‘art’ spaces.

The work is intended to incite inspection on U-Topos, the placelessness and timelessness in spaces from palaeolithic caves where mankind found their first art, to Plato’s cave allegory, to white cube space described by Brian O’Doherty; and also inspection on how each of us perceive the space itself that surrounds us, by stripping surrounding aspects to the perceptual essence of the white walls that frame our perception; like how the box frames the beetle in Wittgenstein’s analogy. Since that it links the worldly rule in all situations where we ‘read’ and ‘write’ different realities as we live our lives in our shared space.