Sorn Patharakorn (1991, Bangkok, Thailand).

Sornrapat Patharakorn is an artist who focuses on human perception within the physical environment. He usually utilises light and existing conditions of place to create spatial experiences which deal with immateriality and ontology. He has been influenced by studies of architecture and philosophy and he often consider the existing situation of the places where his work is installed as a vital part of the work. Sornrapat believes in co-existence of multiple facets and interpretations of reality and he believes that making art involves in reading and expressing the versions of those. His work primarily includes spatial and light installations which situate both inside art spaces and outside of them. He gained the public recognition from his work “Golden Hour: from 8 minutes ago to what is yet to come” which was situated in front of Praisaneeyakan in 2018 and “Here and Now” along with “Now, Here and Elsewhere” when he was chosen as one of Brandnew art project artists in 2019.