Behind Time, 2019
Site-specific installation
Dimensions variable

In collaboration with Tian Titirat Skultantimayta

The triangular space under the lowest flight of stair is sometimes called spandrel, but the whole space, including that under the first landing does not have a specific term to itself, nor does it have a specific function. In that manner, how we call it and how we use it might vary accordingly, such as, under-stair storage, if it functions to store, under-stair closet, if it has at least a door. Anyhow, its purpose as storage or dwelling of things rather than dwelling of human remains not very varying.

The space usually stores things those are borderline between valuable and forgotten items, most of them are not of apparent present use, they might be relics from the old times in waiting for the case that they are prospectively useful again. So the space and what remains in store are associated more to the past and the future, kept away from the sight of present day.

They might eventually be brought back to light, used as they are intended, or disposed after a period of time has proven that their purpose in the household is certainly dead. Some of things in this space might have already slipped out of our cognition, until we are reminded of those we failed to remember we had or known. They are, in a way, the materialisation of resurfaced memories we thought we had forgotten.

Behind Time is a site-specific mixed media installation by Titirat Skultantimayta and Sornrapat Patharakorn. It comprises of both tangible and intangible materials, namely light, wood, air, and the space itself.

Photos courtesy of Preecha Pattara