Bearing Lightness, 2018
Paper sculpture
21 x 29.7 x 275 cm.

In collaboration with Tian Titirat Skultantimayta

– paper thickness, virtually dimensionless
– solid structure, pillar
– delicate integrity
– standardised photocopy paper
– collective significance, days to life, individuals to society

Site-Specific Installation of pillar made by a stack of paper which appears to support the structure of the space.

A single sheet of 80 gsm A4 photocopy paper itself is almost a 2 dimensional object. In terms of thickness, it is virtually dimensionless to human perception.

Such thin paper sheets only come to thickness collectively when they are stacked together in great number. Over 25,000 sheets are required for this sculpture/installation. Together, they form an impression of single entity, a 2.75-metre tall pillar stretching from the situating room’s floor to ceiling.

By its appearance, the pillar is intended to give a sense of contrast between the presence of the whole pillar incorporated in the space, as if it was a functioning support, and the individual papers, virtually lack in depth and weight, which form up the pillar.

The delicate integrity of the pillar is only held together by the forces of gravity and friction. Both the forces appear to have only the slight effect on the top of the pile, gradating to abundance as the number of paper accumulates towards the bottom. Despite appearing solid and sturdy, the pillar can also flake down to chaotic scattering pieces just with a light touch or slight blows of wind.

Besides the delicate integrity, this work also physically demonstrates collective significance of things insubstantial to their accumulations, such as how days are to life, and how individuals are to society.